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We help companies in the banking, insurance and financial sectors to optimize document signing processes and save up to 30% of the time currently spent.

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Sign documents remotely with FAD® in 4 easy steps

01. Signature Request
02. Document signature
03. Submission of signed document
04. Control desk
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Sign documents remotely with the only platform capable of 100% attributing the identity of the signer, authenticating their official identification document and performing facial recognition to ensure that it is the same person.


logoCredit Bureau

For authorization of credit history consultation.


Mifiel - logo

The best of both worlds, the power of the Advanced Electronic Signature is added to the agility and certainty provided by the Digital Autograph Signature® for the mass signature of documents


logoPromissory Note Blockchain

Create, endorse and cancel promissory notes remotely, and write them on the Blockchain forever


logoFAD Citizen Participation

Promotes democracy by allowing citizens to express their will remotely, with total certainty that the person is who they say they are


FAD® is the perfect option for this and more

Placement of consumer loans
Digitization of voucher and voter credential, fingerprint capture, selfie with proof of life, facial comparison, validation of credential and fingerprint before INE - RENAPO, digital signature with geolocation
Services and telecommunications
Digitization of requests and registration of clients for contracting mobile phone services, Internet, gas, water, cable and more. Integrates capture of voter credential and vouchers, fingerprint capture, selfie
Digital promissory note signature
Digital signature for creation, endorsement and cancellation of promissory notes with digitization of the voter's credential, video signature, video recording, geolocation and proof of conservation endorsed by a third.

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    We put at your disposal an end-to-end, frictionless and omnichannel process that adapts to the needs of your users, guaranteeing total certainty for your business.

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    Capture new customers for industries regulated by KYC regulations.

    With our frictionless remote onboarding solution, validate and onboard new clients without operational and legal risks.

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